NAI Carolantic Realty to Launch Commercial Real Estate Fund, and Hires Former Mastercard Executive to Manage

RALEIGH, NC – March 6, 2019 – NAI Carolantic Realty, one of the Triangle’s premier commercial real estate firms, is launching a commercial real estate investment fund. Chairman Steve Stroud has appointed Sarah Quinlan, a longtime business advisor, Wall Street hedge fund manager and former SVP, Market Insights at Mastercard to lead the fund.

“This fund will create an opportunity that doesn’t currently exist in our market,” said Stroud. “Sarah’s financial and real estate acumen along with her history of advising CEO’s and governments around the world and across multiple industries will bring the best deals to qualified investors,” said Stroud.

Due to her deep expertise, Quinlan has been a fixture on mainstream media outlets such as CNBC, Fox Business Network and Bloomberg TV. She delivered the keynote address at NAI Carolantic Realty’s 34th Annual Commercial Real Estate Conference held at the PNC Arena in January 2019, where she discussed economic trends, innovation and the future of the industry.

“This move brings me back to my roots,” said Quinlan. “I started my career in real estate, creating the first commercial-backed security for Salomon Brothers. This cemented my passion to innovate investing in real estate.”

Quinlan’s genuine affinity for the Triangle is a driving force behind her decision to relocate to the area and establish the new commercial real estate fund. “I see so much opportunity in this region. Couple that with the economic vitality, strong reputation, and specific expertise and reputation of NAI Carolantic, and we have a recipe for success. The firm is morphing and changing in ways that further underscore Steve’s commitment to innovation and growth, and providing opportunities that make a difference,” she said.

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